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Important LINKS

Iraqis struggling to free themselves from myriad forms of oppression rarely find an audience in the United States. But it is vital for international solidarity that there be a mutual exchange of ideas. Thus we view critical discussion and debate about these movements to be of utmost importance.

These links are meant for the purposes of information, education, and discussion. The views expressed on these websites do not necessarily reflect those of NO-IFS, and links to organizations do not indicate endorsement by NO-IFS.

The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) is a women's liberation organization formed after the cessation of bombing in 2003 that organizes women's shelters and fights against the imposition of Sharia law onto Iraqi society. It publishes an English language newsletter called "Equal Rights Now."

The Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) is a coalition of grassroots organizations formed in early 2005.

The General Union of Oil Employees in Basra, a union federation.
Basra Oil Employees

One of the founders of OWFI, Houzan Mahmoud, publishes a blog
Houzan Mahmoud's blog

The Federation of
Worker Councils
and Unions in
Iraq (FWCUI)
is one of the
main trade union
in Iraq.

News and Letters, an American Marxist- Humanist newspaper, has put solidarity with the freedom forces in Iraq at the forefront of its perspectives. See especially
News & Letters essay

World War 4 Report has printed many articles on the situation in Iraq and the absence of solidarity among most of the American Left, as well as interviews with leaders of the Iraqi civil resistance. See, for instance:


U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) sponsored a tour of Iraqi labor leaders during the summer of 2005 and has collected information on the labor movement in Iraq.

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ww4R 1151

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